B2B Payments – Reasons to Use Payment Automation

Why Checks Continue To Steal the B2B Payments Spotlight and How to Prepare to Move to ePayments

2018 may go down in B2B payments history as the year the space saw an increase in attention from innovators. B2B payments have found the spotlight as companies recognize immense opportunity. What do you need to move forward and away from checks, and how to do you find the right partner?


OnPay Solutions: The Road to CASH Management Transformation

Transforming CASH management doesn’t require systems upgrades/changes. Get working capital with AP & AR Automations solutions that work with existing systems.…

B2B Payments – Best Solutions for Automating Your Payments

There are many reasons to automation your B2B payments with vendors and suppliers. You can simplify your finance department’s payment process and get huge returns on investment. Start with payment automation, and learn more from OnPay Solutions…


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Why Payment Automation?

Learn more about payment automation and why it can work for your company’s accounts payable department.


Create an Additional Revenue Stream by Issuing Supplier Payments with Virtual Cards

Many businesses today are leveraging technology to manage finances. Virtual Cards are one of the newest forms of electronic payments. With Accounts Payable, virtual cards can make your process inexpensive, fast and convenient, while providing a high level of security to your company.


Futuristic B2B Payments: Virtual Cards, ACH and Accounts Receivable Challenges

B2B payments are evolving from paper checks to electronic payment delivery. This paradigm shift from paper checks to electronic is creating a new timeline for payment delivery. Virtual cards are among the latest in payment technology, and ACH payments are on the rise. Read more about AR automation.